3D for communication

3D visualization makes communicating the fashion collection within the company departments much easier, faster and it improves the efficiency. Furthermore it can be a game-changer for communicating your collection externally, including all the socials, digital showrooms and web shops. The benefits of digital visualization are numerous starting from saving costs of sampling and freight to improving sustainability. From 3D garments, to complete 3D outfits, we visualize your ideas and creations with a wow effect and in a neat manner, regardless of their final purpose.


3D for production

3D prototypes help you communicate with the producers of garments. Starting from the photo brief or a sketch, the style is virtually adjustable until the clients are satisfied with the result. All design changes are applicable to the final CAD patterns available in DXF/PDF format, made by our specialists from scratch. We can work the other way around as well, if provided with the design patterns and specifications for the desired style, fit, fabrics and size set.

Tech packs are an inevitable part of the communication through the chain. We provide a comprehensive set of CAD illustrations and documents containing every detail needed to produce a garment. It enables our clients to translate what was once the sketch of an idea into reality.


3D apparel library

We provide our clients with a library of 3D ready garments, from where they can browse anything that meets up their needs. There are plenty of various styles that the client can implement in their collection and they are all available for custom adjustments as well. This scope of work will provide our clients with precise and efficient product development, less material waste, faster fit approval with the 3D virtual fit and more productive manufacturing.


Product videos

Product videos provide a detailed look of the virtual prototype we have designed on your request. We are showcasing your product`s best features, by creating 360° rotating video, capturing close ups containing all the product details based on the latest marketing trends. Your product will have the potential to draw massive attention by being shared in various social media.


Animated videos

Animated videos are very suitable for drawing mass attention to your brand by being shared in various social media platforms. 3D models can be animated on custom made avatars and presented in authentic environments so that every aspect can be viewed in real time giving potential buyers a good look at the product before they buy. The creative possibilities are endless.

Let’s get started!

Request a quote from us and we will make sure your 3D services in the fashion industry are met in the best way possible according to your specific reqirements and in your preffered timeframe.