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Digital innovation and sustainability

It is known in the fashion world that nowadays every actor in the industry tends to be more conscious and aware of the consequences of their actions throughout the supply chain. Involving the digital softwares and the rise of the digital creations in this chain it is certain that it adds up value to a sustainable fashion industry.

How? - By creating first digitally many of the processes are less time and effort consuming. The lead times are substantially shortened and all related activities such as fitting approvals, communication channels, decision-making, transportation costs have also been leveraged by making the design decisions based on (customized) 3D Avatars and digital designs.

Besides having great advantages for companies involved, virtual samples are contributing to less pollution and waste and of course better profit margins. By replacing physical samples with virtual ones, we substitute and save part of the energy and materials i.e all the scarce resources that are inevitable for a good workflow. Moreover, transparency and traceability are becoming reality in the fashion industry because of new innovative technologies. As known, fashion generates 20% of global water waste and also sends around 21 billion tonnes of textiles to landfills annually across the globe but we still face vague standards and path of the clothes we wear.

On the other hand, the use of digital designs as marketing and promotional materials are huge. The NFT euphoria furthermore makes virtual design even more popular and in high demand. Let’s not exclude as well the metaverse that spurred a new era in many fields that intersect the usual functioning and new technology trends.

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