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Our Ideology in the digital world

The ability for designing a high-quality 3D model leads to generating photos, videos, and even interactive experiences from one 3D model. Virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, and gaming all require 3D models. And now, social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram all support 3D content. In order to capitalize on these new technologies and channels, fashion needs to make 3D a top priority.

As a company that provides digital solutions, we truly believe this is something that is going to shape the future of fashion and it is something that is totally zero-waste, as we stand for sustainability. 3D garment creation is quickly becoming a necessary skill for pattern makers, production companies, retailers and fashion designers. With the growing demand for better productivity and smaller environmental footprint, 3D design has become a highly sought skill.

We make the switch from 2D to 3D effortless and push further by supporting our clients in product development for design, production and promotion purposes.

We add value to your business by eliminating unnecessary physical sampling and waste generated by pattern cutting or fittings. In other words, we eliminate the traditional dependency on physical samples by utilizing 3D. Shortening production and lead times are some of the benefits of virtual sampling and garments, also correcting design inaccuracies on the go. Solstitch tends to put forward cleaner and more environmentally-friendly fashion designs.

Clo3d is a design software that helps fashion and garments businesses. This modeling software has modules for supporting options required by the fashion industry such as: modeling and grading the clothes, fitting, testing fabrics, creating whole outfits, changing their colorways and different branding options, which leads to developing the right garments without causing any waste of resources. On the other hand, it is very famous among the designers from all over the world because of the highly realistic fabric simulations and rendering often used for their marketing and promotion.

Together with utilization of Maya software, Max, Substance Painter, Adobe Creative Cloud, ZBrush and our IT sector as well as 3D Apparel Designers we bring together your ideas to fruition through our main services, such as: 3D modeling, apparel design, digital outfits & NFTs creation, detailed tech packs, digital patterns, product videos and avatar based videos.

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