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Virtual Fashion Trends through digital twins

Virtual fashion embodies an immense amount of possibilities while rethinking the usual way of operating. Every software somehow related to fashion hugely facilitates part of the design, production, logistics, promotion processes. COVID-19 Pandemic has just fast-forwarded the digitalisation in this industry.

It is now a new era of digital twins. Imagine being able to create your own 3D avatar - your virtual twin with your exact measurements. Absolutely adjustable new fitting reality that helps: independent designers, big and small fashion brands, luxury houses, production factories, marketers, buyers, visual merchandisers, trade companies etc. This virtual twin fits perfectly in your workload. That is absolutely innovative and great.

Brands are adopting digital business plans that include virtual stores and wardrobes, visual merchandising in virtual stores, 3D printing as an effective technique in manufacturing, digital pattern development, NFTs creation, and involvement in the limitless metaverse.

Digitalisation of fabrics is another part of the business. We see animated fabrics enabling their moving just as they do in real life. They can be created and shared virtually and adjusted by your needs. You can even see their flow and draping.

Virtual fittings and buyers meetings are a popular and practical substitute for traditional/physical ones. During the pandemic times this was a proven way of functioning. Following the virtual fittings are also the digital collections and shows on virtual runways that, as seen, already took place. Moreover, digital outfits that can be adjustable to every photo are becoming the new, upgraded Instagram influencers’ culture together with new uprising virtual models / robots as new influencers.

After all, digitalisation so far goes hand in hand with better inclusivity in the industry. The new era in fashion brings together innovative digital solutions that facilitate the physical part of it.

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