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We combine fashion and technology to help you digitally transform your brand and business, with our comprehensive set of Services & Software products.


The workflow

Creative brief

The first step towards good results is the understanding of our clients' design brief and their requirements. We talk through your sketch/ photo/ design ideas and provide a professional advice before moving on to the development phase
 of your project. There are endless possibilities that technology and creativity can offer, hence this is the stepping stone for any future collaboration.

Design & Development

The design and 3D virtual prototypes are developed according to the purpose. This may be marketing, production, developing and/or showcasing designs, Metaverse etc. The methods are proven to be more efficient and effective throughout the process because it saves weeks of back and forth as known in the traditional ways of collaboration.

Hi-Res visuals

The final result is hi-res 3D fashion visualization that will help you get it right faster – from pattern design, to style and fitting, promotion. You can use the renders for the actual line planning, visual merchandising, marketing, NFT and/ or various B2B solutions.

3D Solutions

Are you in the fashion and textiles industry? Do you need help and a partner in the digital transformation of your business? We are here for you.

Browse how we put our best efforts to transform your business through our comprehensive set of Services & Software products.

Digital Solutions for Fashion & Textiles

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What our clients say about us


“With the support of Solstitch we made the switch from 2D to 3D effortlessly. Our development and presentations improved in time and quality. In production we went from 2% mistakes to 0.2% mistakes, just because we used the 3D & techpack! Our cooperation with Solstitch made us significant savings and strengths against our competitors.”


“The SOLS team masters the ins and outs of 3D fashion tools and workflows. Communication is always smooth and swift, which makes SOLS a valuable partner to have at Yokai's side.”


“We were also skeptical at the beginning, can 3D presentations really bring us more customers?

Three years later, we can not imagine making a proposal to the customer without proper visuals. From websites to sales presentations, we rely heavily on Solstitch. ”

Interesting facts & Blog Space

When you dive deep into this industry, it is inevitable to keep the pace and always be informed about the latest innovations and happenings. We elaborate interesting topics in our 'Blog and Interesting Facts' online space.

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    Digital innovation and sustainability

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    Our Ideology in the digital world

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    Virtual Fashion Trends through digital twins